The future of urban development is here!


With RealSite you can utilize public data and your 3D content to the fullest - create competitions, ensure communication internally and externally, and make the right decisions. When your decision is made, create the ultimate experience of your future building or environment in full VR!

Online competitions

Create, shape and manage your competitions online with a common and photorealistic contextual environment based on public data. Have the teams draw into your environment and deliver their actual 3D content directly in the platform. Now you can explore all proposals on equal ground, with sun cycle for the whole year. Make experience the basis of your decision.

The ultimate experience

RealSite allows you to experience your building or environment in interactive 3D, but we can also help you get the ultimate experience in Virtual Reality any way you want it - Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with roomscale, through 360-videos and images, GearVR, Cardboard and much more.

Communicate and involve

RealSite offers unparalleled opportunities for citizen involvement and dialogue. Ensuring buy-in from your key stakeholders, from the earliest projection phases through decision-making and construction.

Day 0 benefits

RealSite allows you to autogenerate a virtual environment of anywhere in Denmark by using public data. Within half an hour, you can walk around in the virtual environment and begin building and idea-generating on a level far superior to the tools of old.


DTU competitions: BIOVAF and 409

RealSite has been the basis of several competitions at Danish Technical University, used for specifying the competition program, for citizen involvement and importantly playing a major role in the final decision-making.

Danish Architechture Center & BLOX

Utopian City_Scape has created a state-of-the-art virtual reality experience of the prestigeous BLOX project in central copenhagen. Based on the design from the world-renowned architects at OMA, we have produced a fully inteactive 3D and VR experience of the 27.000 m2 building - used to communicate, make interior design choices and much more.

Carlsberg City District

RealSite has been used for the development of Carlsberg City District, and we have created a version of the historical Carlsberg as a virtual preservation project.