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The next generation of light planning


DOLL RealSite allows you to explore a virtual version of DOLL Living Lab, where you can create your own designs and experience the products from the virtual catalogue in a realistic environment - at day and at night.


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Create and experience lighting setups

DOLL RealSite is a fully interactive and photorealistic environment. You can mass-change lamps, or turn everything off and design your own set-up from scratch.

From design to experience and global sales - faster!

Using DOLL RealSite, you can get from design to sales faster. As soon as you have a 3D design and a light profile, you can experience it in interactive 3D and Virtual Reality in the DOLL RealSite environment, and go mobile through 360-video and 360-images for mobile VR platforms. From your design team to your global sales team in a couple of days.

Communication and decision-making

DOLL RealSite offers a game-changing way to engage clients, users and citizens, so you can get feedback, ensure buy-in and in the end make the decision that is right for you.


DOLL RealSite is based on the outdoor lab in Copenhagen, Denmark, but new environments can be built to function as showrooms for your products or to match your own area for decision-making.