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Utopian City Scape ApS

About Us


For more than 8 years Utopian City_Scape has provided interactive 3D and VR solutions, aimed at improving the built environment for everyone. With a background in the gaming industry and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation we have developed our solutions based on real projects and actual client needs from day 1.

We strive to improve our urban spaces by increasing transparency and communication between the wide variety of stakeholders that exists in the development of our cities. We give developers better information for their decision-making, and the users and citizens better means of being involved and heard.

To us, sustainable urban development is about working smart and openly. Utilize public data, base your decisions on experiences in context rather than photoshopped images, and secure buy-in from users and citizens by involving them - they are the ones who are ultimately going to use and improve the urban space you are developing.